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Photo credit: Vikki Marie Page


Wild Within explores wellness through the pillars of Ritual, Movement, Nourishment and Rest. We believe everybody has the innate ability to heal and the capacity to create despite dominant narratives that can box us in. With the global majority at the heart of what we do, we create and make space for our healing, joy, creativity and wellbeing.  We invite you to join us through art, education, workshops and talks as we build a global wild community. We're the first to admit we don't know it all, we're still learning to live well. It's an ongoing journey. 

Join us, #letslivewell

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Photo credit: Vikki Marie Page

Election night, December 2019 and it's raining, HEAVILY.


Ama makes a curious pit stop at a new wellness space in her local area, only to be greeted by a face she hadn't seen for the past 18 years.


A two hour conversation ensues between Leila and Ama where they connect through their shared appreciation and love of holistic healing, the arts, culture, plants and food.


With Leila's background in Medical Herbalism and Naturopathy and Ama's as a trained Professional Dancer with a love for somatic enquiry and the nervous system; Wild Within was officially born in February 2020.

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